Why is franchise across India is Required?

India is enormous with giant potential students who wants to study, work, settle abroad. For a small or medium organisation, it’s tough to establish and run branches all over India therefore Franchise prototype benefits our brand to spread all over across the country.

Therefore, to have as many offices as probable will give our brand enormous fame and Flyover International Ltd. can influence over more and more potential students across the nation. Franchise can be helpful to both parties. Anyone who is investing in our franchise will be having two main benefit no initial investment will be taken by us and guaranteed our brand will be a good source of income.

We required following things to become our franchise partner:

· Good location

· Minimum 300 to 700 Square office required

· Authorized person name and contact no

· We required 1 person and 1 computer with internet from your organization for communication

· We required generating a minimum of 2 to 7 clients during the first 90 days

· Our franchise partner must spend for promoting the brand

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